Scanning Tips

It’s really important that you provide us with the highest quality photograph so here are some tips if you are scanning your image: 

  • Before you start scanning, clean the scanner glass with a microfibre or other lint free cloth.
  • Choose 600 dpi/ppi resolution (or higher if you’re planning to enlarge your image).
  • Scan in 24bit colour, even if your image is black and white.
  • Crop to the edge of your image and don’t include any unnecessary part of the scanner bed background.
  • Turn off any auto adjustment settings – for example brightness/contrast, sharpness etc.
  • Save your image as jpeg with the highest quality setting.
  • Our image upload limit is 16mb so if your file size exceeds this, alternative options include using free services such as or
  • If you are having any difficulties with scanning or sending us your image, please contact us at